Unlike a traditional IT infrastructure (in which computer hardware is physically located within the office), the hardware in a Cloud infrastructure is located off-site (in a data centre). Using only a PC and an internet connection, clients gain access to a full-featured enterprise-grade IT infrastructure (telephony, email, files and backup, mobile messaging, and remote access), while paying only for the resources consumed.

Bright Info Solutions is racked with high-end computer equipment (within our data centre) for clients to run their businesses on. Engineering staff handle all the operational aspects: monitoring the systems, software patches / upgrades and technical support. Everything is enterprise-grade, designed for maximum reliability and security (far more secure and of much higher performance than that of a typical small/mid-size business network).



  • Full-featured, enterprise-grade IT infrastructure that grows with your business.
  • Fully-Managed IT
  • Cost Savings
  • Consumption-based Billing
  • Elasticity: IT "On Tap
  • Value